Why Dr. Dickey?

Dr. Liz DickeyA Forward-Thinking Doctor

First and foremost, I believe you can be healthy. Much more than disease management of your present health condition is possible. The fresh, forward-thinking perspective is that feeling better (palliation) is the beginning of health, not the endpoint.

Wellness care is the new and most effective model. My mission is to help you become well again and to maintain that wellness for your lifetime.

The innovative perspective on symptoms is that they are information - a doorway to understanding what is out of harmony and what is needed to restore health. When the underlying causes of your symptoms are addressed, great changes can take place.

Dr. Dickey Listens Deeply

In my wellness practice, time is devoted to listening deeply to all of your concerns and getting to know you well. You are seen and understood as a unique, multi-dimensional, and interconnected being. All aspects of your health, life, and environment are considered and may provide keys to health restoration.

cone flowersMany times, there is so much going on in people’s lives that they can’t tell what is happening on the inside, let alone understand and respond to it. Together we will attain a clear understanding of why you don’t feel well and what you need to become healthy again. Then I help you to make the changes that will enable you to enjoy a life of quality and longevity.

A Truly Holistic Doctor

I am one of only a small number of people who is licensed as both a naturopathic doctor and a mental health practitioner. The benefit to you is truly holistic care.

Dr. Dickey Makes Getting Well Easier

Surpassing just feeling better, to actually restoring health, is possible when your body is nourished with what it needs and is unburdened from what is harmful. This can be achieved in manageable steps.

Dr. Dickey Knows What Works

I know about how real people with busy lives can create and maintain wellness in manageable steps because I ‘walk my talk’ every day. You will benefit from my experience, through good-humored coaching and helpful educational materials, rich with practical information about how to restore health and maintain wellness.

Learn more: Healthy Living Is Affordable.pdf

crocusesPrimary and Specialized Care

I provide primary care, so I can be the first person you see for most health conditions. If you are using any medications or working with another health practitioner, I will be glad to discuss how to combine natural medicine with your other treatments.

Courtesy Insurance Billing

I accept insurance reimbursement as either an in-network or out-of-network provider, depending on the insurer. Insurance billing to many insurers is provided as a courtesy to patients.

Basic Medicare does not recognize naturopathic doctors, however there are a few Medicare secondary insurance plans that reimburse tor naturopathic care.

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About Dr. Dickey

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Core Values of Practice

VISION - of what is possible and how to get there.
KNOWLEDGE - through continual study.
EFFECTIVENESS - by listening deeply and understanding your uniqueness.
THOROUGHNESS - because a person’s health deserves nothing less.
KINDNESS - your challenges are my concern.
COMMITMENT - following through, not giving up.
TRUST - in the ability of the mind-body to heal.
INTEGRITY - doing the right thing.
EXCELLENCE - going the extra mile.
INNOVATION - continually seeking what is most helpful.

Professional Licenses

Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Oregon.
Licensed Masters Social Worker, Oregon.

Board Certification

Diplomate of Homeopathic Medicine (DHANP). Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians.

What is board certification? Board certification means that a doctor has developed extensive expertise in a particular type of medical practice and has met requirements for certification set by professional peers.

Professional Training

Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND), 1995, National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). A medical school known for excellence in teaching of holistic medicine. In addition to the core curriculum, I also completed all of the advanced classes and teaching clinics that were offered in homeopathic medicine. I continue to use NCNM’s fine library and attend continuing education offerings to further my knowledge.

Master of Social Work (MSW), 1981, University of Washington (U-W). I was lucky to attend the U-W School of Social Work because they had an innovative program in Mental Health Services to Women. While there I grew to understand how the family, culture, and environment in which we grow up and live affect our health. I also learned effective stress management tools, essential for health restoration and disease prevention.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 1977, University of Michigan (U-M). U-M was where I began my studies of human psychology and medicinal plants.

Professional Activities

Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians. An organization of licensed naturopathic doctors who have graduated from accredited naturopathic medical schools. We work together to make make naturopathic medicine accessible to all Oregonians.

Lane County Naturopathic Physicians. A local group of naturopathic doctors working together for the benefit of our patients and the community.

University of Oregon and Lane Community College, Adjunct Instructor. Classes on healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and stress management. I have created lots of handouts on everything from how to eat for health and longevity, ways to begin and stick with exercise, and how to have good sleep, to topics such as effective stress reduction and how to improve your relationships. These are available for the benefit of patients.

National Center for Homeopathy. This vibrant organization supports and promotes the cause of homeopathy in the U.S., through education, publications, and legal advocacy. Membership is open to everyone.

Weston A. Price Foundation. A non-profit organization that educates the public about the work of Weston Price, DDS, a pioneer in understanding human nutrition, who determined the characteristics of the optimum human diet. Eugene has a local chapter that provides educational events that are open to everyone.

Dr. Liz Dickey, ND, LMSW, 960 E. 20th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97405
541.465.1155 / remedy@drlizdickey.com

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